Training GIS Project Management

Pelatihan GIS Project Management

Course Description

GIS technology and systems have intensively increased in popularity, use, and interest over the past decade. As a powerful tool for creating, managing, analyzing, and using geospatial data, Strategic GIS projects require a project manager with thorough understanding of issues such as planning, knowledge of the project objectives, project environment and politics. Therefore, this course aims to provide participants instill the required capabilities through a deep understanding of advanced GIS concepts and theories.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding how to manage a GIS Project in all its phases: User Needs Survey, Needs Assessment, Database Design, System Design, Data Conversion,
  • Learning Application Development and Training
  • Getting hands on experience in managing a GIS project, particularly in Environmental applications
  • Acquiring all skills needed to prepare R.GIS project documentation such as request for proposal, and various project deliverable documentations
  • Being familiar with the issues of staffing and budgeting, teamwork, and consultant-client relationship through real world case studies
  • Getting guidance from successful GIS Environmental Management case study projects

Who Should Attend?

  • GIS coordinators/ managers
  • Potential implementers of GIS solutions:
  • Public sector agency staff (Governmental, Institutional)
  • Private sector staff (Consultants, Contractors, Marketers)
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Leaders looking towards bridging the gap between digital progress and traditional management conventions.

Course Details/Schedule

  • GIS ‘application fields and benefits
  • Understanding GIS life cycle
  • Life Cycle of IT system/IT project
  • Project failure
  • Strategic position of GIS
  • Flow of funds, information needs
  • Information triangle for GIS
  • Primary objectives of RFP, Structure of RFP, Background and Project Information
  • Needs assessment, Conceptual system design, Implementation plan, Final
  • Additional Information, Format of Receiving responses to RFP Proposal, Important dates, Selection criteria, Evaluating proposals, Common evaluation procedure
  • Negotiating Process, Initiating the Formal Negotiation Process
  • Negotiate a contract
  • Memorandum of understanding with the Client/Partner Organization formal contract included information
  • Writing a GIS project proposal
  • GIS Organizational Structure and Staffing
  • Staffing objectives, models of GIS Staff
  • General Rules of Staffing, GIS Infrastructure, GIS Organizational Evolution, Traditional GIS Organizational Structure,
  • Responsibilities of a policy/steering committee, Project Budgeting, Defining Project Costs, Cost Budgeting, Attributes of a Good Budget, GIS Technical Coordination Committee
  • Types of training, commonly used terminology in training, Basics of Training, Systematic Approaches
  • Setting Milestone, Project Management, project stages, start of GIS project, Project Organization, Project Sponsor, Project managers responsibilities
  • Responsibilities of the Project manager, Managing Personnel, adopting Technology Project
  • Management Skill Sets, Crucial areas of planning for project managers
  • Project Initiation Document (PID), Acceptance Plan, Work Breakdown Structure
  • Work Structure Breakdown, Project Management Software
  • Matrix of Common Project Risks. Sample Work Breakdown Structure, Tackling Problems and Setting Expectations.
  • Characteristics of good report, Final products, final deliverables
  • Structure of Project Report, Future planning
  • Spatial Database Basics, Spatial Databases Background
  • Types of Data Stored in Spatial Databases, Spatial Databases Uses and Users, Spatial Database
  • Management System, Spatial Query Language, Spatial Query Language Operations, Spatial Data Entity Creation, Example Spatial Query
  • Consideration of GIS implementations

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Catatan :

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  • Request Training. Jika anda membutuhkan informasi pelatihan yang belum tercantum pada website ini, atau anda ingin memberikan usulan materi yang sesuai dengan tingkat kebutuhan perusahaan anda, silahkan mengirimkan ke alamat email yang tercantum.
  • Bila tidak ada tanggal dan waktu atau yang tercantum sudah kadaluarsa didalam artikel mohon tanyakan kepada kami untuk jadwal terbarunya.